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Who We Are.

It’s an honor serving our Members, side-by-side with those we call friends, family and loved ones. That’s the reality inside Ultimate Contribution.

Dino Rakitzis.


Co-Founder of U.C.U, a professional mentor and executive coach, Dino is also a besotted dad and husband, living in England. Having spent over 15 years in deep personal development research, over 10 years in leadership roles and over 5 years coaching clients from all over the world, Dino’s life’s work is to use his experiences, continued research and proven frameworks to compassionately guide those from feeling lost, fearful, stuck or unfulfilled, to having meaningful, powerful and inspiring direction and clarity across their career, personal life and relationships.

Alexander Eastman.


A loving father, and partner Alexander along with being a co-founder for us here at U.C.U is the founder of Tolado, a community that support individuals along their path of Self Realisation, as well as the co-founder of the Victoria’s Promise cancer charity. Alexander has been teaching from stage and in workshops globally for over a decade on many areas of human development, from working with entrepreneurs to assist them in growing purpose driven businesses, through to helping people with their mental and physical well-being.


Experience has revealed to us over the years that most of us are so close to ourselves and our lives, we are unable to see and articulate it clearly. Our hand-selected fully certified Facilitators have received months of intense training in the foundations and workings of this process. Well equipped and with a heart of service they are responsible for guiding you on-one-on, actively listening, accurately reflecting back and keeping you on track. Your trusted partner throughout this deep exploration into uncovering who you are and your true calling. Take a look at our growing team of fully certified expert U.C.U Facilitators.

Megan Gibson.


Sean Beaty.

United Kingdom

Tifanne Gerber.

United States

Kate Bennett.


Mel Clarke.

United Kingdom

Sophie Durham.


Jackie Knight.



A time when everyone is inspired by, at peace with, connected to, and living in service of their Ultimate Contribution.


To impassion and guide the process of acknowledging and defining an individual’s Core Values, Mission and Vision in life. By providing a space of understanding, unity and wisdom, where valuable tools are used for deep personal exploration, clarity and direction.


  • UNITY.
  • PEACE.

A Few Words.

From individuals that have been impacted by the U.C.U experience.

Have some questions? We’re here to help.

Unique and personal questions often arise when considering investing in yourself in this way. We appreciate this and are therefore here to answer any questions you may have with compassion and understanding.

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