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The Process.

A specially formulated process of one-to-one deep Self discovery, into the unknown parts of ourselves.

Aspects that uncover deeply held intrinsic values and unique gifts we hold.

To uncover your own clarity, high-integrity-framework and direction needed to define and step into a life that feels both peaceful and exhilarating.

Into a life that you no longer have to pretend to be something or someone that you are not.

Into a life that is aligned with your values and a vision that inspires and enables you to take ownership of your life and your gifts.

The Steps.

Register & Enroll.

Register, purchase U.C.U and gain access to your community and personalised platform.

Calls & Introductions.

Book in your 8 one-on-one calls, then meet your U.C.U Facilitator, ask questions and get prepared to uncover your Ultimate Contribution.

Rescue Your Values.

Dive deep into the highs & lows of your life to uncover what you value above all else, so you are free to pursue and stay aligned with them.

Uncover Your Gifts.

Define the powerful gifts, skills and aspects of your character that have been forged and formed under the experiences of your life.

Discover Your Future.

A unique process to define your ideal future, one you want to put all your energy behind reaching; your purpose is to make this Vision a reality.

Outline The Path.

Define the journey to making this Vision a reality; your Ultimate Contribution. Milestones that will inspire your life into action.

Take Your 1st Steps.

Through visualisation and goal setting you bring this all to life through action, so this process may empower you in every area of your life.

Review & Reconfirm.

A session after 3 months with your U.C.U Facilitator to ensure you are aligned and inspired by the way your Ultimate Contribution is manifesting.

The Platform.

You will gain access to our bespoke, custom-built platform to ensure you have a smooth and powerful journey.

Our platform will allow you to book in all your Facilitator calls, get access to downloadable resources, video content and be guided through every step of the process.

A Few Words.

From individuals that have been impacted by the U.C.U experience.

Have some questions? We’re here to help.

Unique and personal questions often arise when considering investing in yourself in this way. We appreciate this and are therefore here to answer any questions you may have with compassion and understanding.

Stay In The Loop.

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