Ultimate Contribution Uncovered.


U.C.U Pathway.

A brief reminder on some of the key features of the U.C.U® Pathway.

Deep Exploration.

Uncovering who you are, your life’s direction and first steps to achieve it.


Lifetime access to online personal dashboard and learning resources.

Personal Facilitator.

Certified expert one-on-one guidance through every stage of the process.

Tailored Pace.

Control the pace of the stages to suit commitments and working style.


An encouraging community and workshops to support during and after the process.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ultimate Contribution Uncovered.

This programme can be taken at your own pace. Therefore you can choose how much time you can dedicate each week. We recommend putting aside 2-3 hours a week, but this is entirely up to you.

U.C.U® was designed with those who are extremely busy and working full-time in mind, which means you can keep the momentum and get the most out of the programme putting in just a few hours a week.

If you take our recommendation of roughly one call per week it will take 8 weeks to complete the main part of the programme.

Again, you decide, you can complete the programme in a shorter time, equally we will support you the whole way through if you want to take longer than 8 weeks.

After this there is a 3 month review stage to ensure you are on track with getting the most from the results of the programme and the changes you wanted to make in your life.

For those who:

  • Hate what they’re doing, or just left what they’re doing.
  • Don’t like the character they need to be to do what they’re doing.
  • Want to change a part of their life and environment, or all of it.
  • Are yearning to make their own choices for their own freedom.
  • Yearning to feel a positive connection to what they’re doing and make a genuine impact.
  • Want to do something meaningful. Want to make an impact.
  • Feel their own pain and want to do something to reduce the pain in others but don’t know how.
  • Are questioning everything, their lives, their jobs, their relationships.
  • Feel like they’re having an identity crisis.
  • Are open minded but want something that is structured. A structure they can believe in. A framework they can be confident in. From which they can build a sturdy ark to navigate through the sea of difficult life decisions.

As a result of completing this programme the benefit will be to resolve the above and uncover the answers to:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you going?
  • What are you doing?
  • What does that look like?
  • What’s next for you?

The further benefit will be to reconnect with who you know yourself to be, with clarity and direction on what you should be doing with your life, work and relationships to find fulfilment, meaning and inner peace.

To know what environment you need to be in to help reach your full potential.

To positively revolutionise the way you see yourself, your past experience, your present circumstances and your future plans.

By uncovering what drives you at your core, to better determine the ideal life you are aiming for, unconsciously or consciously.

Using guided self awareness training, psychotherapeutic techniques and executive coaching, to discover what drives your actions and reactions, then build out a vision for your highest self based on that foundation, then plot a path that will bring out your true potential, and finally integrating that into a clear set of next steps, with accountability and review.

Read more about each stage of the process here.

You will be sent your login details for your personalised learning platform dashboard, where you will see details about your Facilitator and a welcome video outlining your next steps.

From there you will book in your 8 calls with your Facilitator and your programme will begin!

You will also receive details to obtain access to the Tolado App, where your community of like-minded individuals are waiting to support you on your journey with U.C.U®.

Our trained Facilitators are there to guide you through each stage of the programme, both during your 8x 1-2-1 calls and in between via email.

To be a U.C.U® Facilitator is to lead you through the dark unknown of your own past, by holding a guided space of benevolence and non-judgment that allows you to rescue the parts of yourself that reveals a map to your highest self.

To be a U.C.U® Facilitator is to leave behind their own judgements so that they may be a clear mirror. To hear and reflect accurately so you have a trusted and powerful partner throughout this deep exploration into uncovering who you are and your true calling.

A Few Words.

From individuals that have been impacted by the U.C.U® experience.

Have some questions? We’re here to help.

Unique and personal questions often arise when considering investing in yourself in this way. We appreciate this and are therefore here to answer any questions you may have with compassion and understanding.